Aurora works in the fields of deaf education, vocational training and employment, community development and the promotion of sign language, principally in Burundi, and to a lesser extent in Rwanda. It was established in 2009 by Chris Kubwimana, a deaf Burundian, now living in the UK. DeafReach and Aurora have now joined forces with the intention of amalgamating during 2020. In its short life, Aurora has been tireless in promoting its work, and with the minimum of resources.

Some achievements:


2010                       Introduced the Disability and Development Partners (DDP) to Burundi.

2010-2013             Together with DDP raised funds to conduct a research project on the education and communication of deaf children in Burundi.

2014                       Aurora negotiated a sponsoring scheme– one deaf child was sponsored through private individual support.

2014                       In cooperation with the Burundi National Deaf Association (BNDA) sponsored two Livelihood projects in Burundi – two new tailoring units.

2015                       Sponsored three deaf siblings to go to Ephphatha School for Deaf Children.

2015                       Aurora provided a donation to Ephphatha School of Deaf to purchase food for deaf children.

2015-2017             Supported a new informal education programme for deaf people in the province of Cibitoke, Burundi, which caters for both deaf children and adults. Aurora funded the salaries of four staff and also paid for school uniforms and educational materials.

2015                       Aurora in cooperation with Village Ventures International provided food nutrition to deaf children who attend class in Cibitoke.

2015                       Six more deaf children were sponsored through private support – attending Ephphatha School for Deaf Children.

2016                       Aurora funded and supported local partners in organising a conference in the Burundi capital, Bujumbura, with the aim of raising awareness of deaf people`s education and service needs. The Vice-President of Burundi attended the event.

2018                       New initiative: sign-language classes for parents of deaf children.

2019                       Supported the creation of the Association of Deaf Children (APEES).

2019                       Aurora`s trustee attended the first Parent Conference In Burundi.


2016-2017              First contact with deaf community in Rwanda.

2018                       Two Aurora trustees visit Rwanda to learn more about the deaf community

2018                       Aurora in cooperation with the Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD) made a donation to Rwanda’s United Deaf Women Cooperative (UDWC) to purchase a new sewing machine and other items.